Who switched my puppy??

Friday night and Saturday Tilly was an absolute angel. Very quiet, sweet and gentle. She was just content to snuggle up in my lap and sleep. Then came Sunday morning. I’m guessing that little Miss Tilly is feeling more confident in her new surroundings. So confident that she is now letting her true personality shine through…..meet Tilly’s alter ego……the devil child!! This morning I was greeted with a sweet little face and lots of kisses but all that changed once she was ‘unloaded’ and ‘reloaded’ again. It was chilly in the house this morning and everyone else was still in bed so I decided to go back up stairs and snuggle up to Don to warm up. I thought I would let Tilly hang out on my side of the bed to keep me company. Big mistake! My sweet, cuddly puppy was replaced by a jumping, chewing, pulling and digging machine. She was especially interested in trying to detach my pony tail from my skull.

I want a refund…….or maybe a replacement 😉


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2 responses to “Who switched my puppy??

  1. Rachel Pihrag

    I am so jealous of your 3 dogs and I’m in love with Tilly and want to meet her asap!
    And next time Tango comes out to Spruce Grove, please give me a call! 🙂
    Talk soon,

    • We are out in the Grove about once a week. Usually Thursday nights.

      You can meet Tilly any time. I have to work today……My first time away from her since we got her. I have Tilly withdrawal.

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