Puppy mosh pit

Generally speaking, most German Shepherds are fiercely loyal and love their family but they often don’t really warm up to strangers.  Tango is quite different.   She is extremely affectionate and just loves all people   When Don takes her out training, we have  to warn the people that are hiding that when she finds them she is going to plant at least one big, wet puppy kiss on their face.    When it comes to other dogs, she is not a real social butterfly.    At the puppy park she is only interested in playing with the chucker and she doesn’t interact much with the other dogs.  Over the years, Tango has welcomed all of our foster puppies.  She is the first to play with them but for some reason she will not allow them to touch her.  If they try and snuggle up with her….she will just get up and walk away.  It doesn’t matter how many times the puppy tries….snuggling is just not permitted.  It can take a month or more before she will start relaxing the rules….that is until now.  It has taken Tilly less than 2 weeks to have a break through.   It was amazing to watch.  That little puppy had a plan and she carried it out to perfection.  Inch by inch she dragged herself closer  and closer to Tango until she reached her goal of snuggling up against her.  It probably took almost 20 minutes to complete….but she was successful.   When Don got up to grab the camera, Tango and Wally were muzzle to muzzle…unfortunately just before he snapped the picture Tango sat upright.

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  1. Sue

    love the pics!!! I guess I have a mosh pit now too…Sheena-Mae, our 2nd newest gal is loyal to the finish but also carries out the no touch attitude, Wyly has taken on the roll of house mother,,,,We are having some difficulty housetraining the new member Lexi as she has lived in a cage her hole life and does not know about ‘potty’ yet…she just has looked up at me and peed on the carpet….

    I saw in Brampton SPCA that there are 2 male King Charles Cavalier dogs up for adoption!!! I could NOT believe my eyes that they were in the SPCA…brothers I think…anyhow, I have my hands full at this point….hugs to you and the ‘puppys’

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