We have a breeder

Although both breeders were excellent, we have decided to go with the breeder from Alberta because she was the first one to get back to us.  In fact she responded to my email the day I sent it.  Talk about good customer service.

Cavies have on average 3-4 puppies per litter .  This breeder was incredibly lucky because her first bitch had 6 puppies on December 22nd and her second had 7 puppies on Christmas day.   They are all Ruby babies but a few of them do have the odd white spot.  She likes to pick the puppies for her clients based on the needs/wants of each client.  She knows the puppies best so she can help make the perfect match.

We mailed our deposit this morning hoping that it would get to her before all the female puppies were spoken for.   I am secretly hoping that we get a little girl with a white spot but truthfully I wouldn’t be disappointed with any puppy.  We received an email full of pictures today.  They are soooooo cute!

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