Puppy update

We got another batch of pictures today.  The puppies are about 3 weeks old now, their little eyes are open, they are wobbling around and starting to interact with one another.   I wish she didn’t live so far away from us (3-4 hour drive one way).  She has invited us to come for a visit so we are hoping to do that in the next few weeks if the winter weather cooperates.

I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with 7 litters of Golden/Lab cross puppies from birth until they were placed in homes.  I would spend hours just watching them and smooching their little fat warm bodies.

There is no smell better than the smell of puppy breath.  I can almost smell it now………


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2 responses to “Puppy update

  1. Sue

    Congrats on your new addition…send pictures ASAP we can hardly wait!!!!!

  2. Susan

    We are excited to meet “Tilly” and look forward to following this journey with you.

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