Another life lesson for Tilly

I am laughing so hard that the tears are running down my face.   Poor Tilly just learned another life lesson the hard way.  I’ve been in the den getting caught up on emails for the last hour or so.  I looked around to see where Tilly was and I saw her curled up and sleeping with Tango.  She had positioned herself between Tango’s tail and her hind legs and she had her muzzle parked in Tango’s butt.   I mean she was  literally nose to rectum.  I quietly grabbed my camera and took this picture all the while thinking what a crazy place to sleep.

Then I hear the all to familiar sound that most dog owners can relate to……pheewt….Tango has farted and its a whopper.  It takes a couple of seconds….but poor Tilly’s peaceful sleep has been rudely interrupted and she is shaking her head and snorting her nose trying to figure out what happened.   Ok….I admit it…..I’m like a child when it comes to flatulence… just cracks me up.   I’m still laughing and having trouble typing this out.   Life in the dog house……you’ve gotta love it!

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One response to “Another life lesson for Tilly

  1. Sofia

    hahaha…..too funny..poor li’l Tilly

    hope she larned sumpin!

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