Wolf to Woof

Last night we attended the opening night of the Wolf to Woof exhibit at the Royal Alberta Museum.  It was exciting to see Tango’s picture hanging in the museum.   There was a wonderful formal presentation and we got to hear the stories behind all the winning pictures.  There were 30 winners chosen to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Friends of the Royal Alberta Museum Society (FRAMS), 10 in each of the following 3 categories: Best Buddy, Hall of Shame and Hall of Fame.  Tango was a winner in the Hall of Fame category.  We were presented with a  beautiful framed copy of her picture and bio.  When the exhibit ends this fall, we will also get the framed picture that was hanging in the gallery all summer.

I highly recommend checking out the exhibit.  It was well done and very informative for people of all ages who are interested in dogs.


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6 responses to “Wolf to Woof

  1. Shell

    That is so amazing!! You should be so proud! We are!!

  2. Congested on making the hall of fame! Sounds like an interesting place. I’d love to visit the museum. Where’s it located?

  3. Sue

    Wow, way to go Tango…she’s a real special gal for sure…LOVE the pictures(s) of her!!!!

  4. Susan

    Congratulations! You and Don have done great things with Tango – you have brought out the best in her and let her shine. We love you Tango.

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