My little furry helper….NOT!!

It is a wonder that I get anything done with Tilly hanging around.  She always has to be in the middle of everything just in case I need her help.  Sometimes she is so darn cute that I  work around her rather that disturb her.  Here are a few pictures of her helping me quilt and assisting me with my laptop.

How can I sew with her cute face in front of the needle

Taking a nap on top of my fabric

Peeking over the monitor of my laptop to see if she an help me spellcheck


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2 responses to “My little furry helper….NOT!!

  1. Susan

    Oh my goodness : )) We love you Tilly!

    • She is priceless! Parker, our Ruby, is very similar. It’s in their nature to follow you around. Thanks for the laugh. I had to share your post with my husband.

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