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2013 FAL – 2nd Quarter

It is time to pick the unfinished quilts (UFOs) that I am going to commit to completing in the second quarter of this year’s quilt finish-a-long (FAL).  I have 4 projects.  I am going to focus on free motion quilting (FMQ) and finish a bunch of tops that have been lying around because I didn’t have any experience/confidence.  I still don’t have a whole lot of experience but I am ready to challenge myself.


#1 – Kimono:  I made this wall hanging 2-3 years ago and it has been hanging in my closet since then. It needs to be basted, quilted and bound.


#2 – Dragon Fly:  Here is another wall hanging. It has some quilting but it needs to be finished. I also want to give it a scalloped border (I’ve never tried a fancy border) and bind it.


#3 – Sue’s Summer Breeze: This is a triple Irish chain quilt that I am making for my friend Sue.  I can’t show you a picture of it because she follows my blog and I don’t want her to see it before it is finished.


#4 Once again I am going to try and finish my Blue Hydrangea quilt that I had planned to finish in the 1st quarter.  I have to remove the grid stitching in the 16 flower blocks and then replace them with some free motion quilting that I hope will do a better job of showcasing the floral prints.  I am still waiting for the custom ordered silk thread to arrive so that I can start the FMQ.

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2013 FAL – 1st Quarter

FALIt is time to pick the unfinished quilts (UFOs) that I am going to commit to completing in the first quarter of this year’s quilt finish-a-long (FAL).  This is my first FAL so I want to pick UFOs that have been hanging around for a while and that I am sure, ok pretty sure, that I will actually be able to complete as promised.

My first choice is the 2011 Block of the Month (BOM) with Quilt Essential.  I managed to get all my blocks done in 2011 and I even started working on assembling the quilt top in early 2012 but I never finished it.  This Sunday is the annual BOM quilt show and we are supposed to have our 2011 quilts done and hanging in the show.  I’m pretty close.   I just have to finish sewing on the binding and cut off all the threads.


You can see why it takes so long to hand sew on the binding…..my little, furry quilt helper loves to take a nap in the middle of my project.  I don’t have the heart to disturb the princess so that I can move on to a new section.


My second choice is my Blue Hydrangea quilt.  This is the first quilt top I ever made.  It hung around my sewing room for a year before I found a long armer to quilt it for me.  Unfortunately he forgot to use the beautiful wool batting that I provided (he used a plain cotton blend) and he didn’t quilt the individual flower blocks they way we had discussed.  It hung around for another year waiting for me to put the binding on.  I procrastinated because I wanted to use a striped fabric on the bias but I had never made biased binding before.  I’ve almost got all the binding on now but I still want to pick out all the stitching on the floral blocks and replace it with some free motion quilting that will show off the blocks.  I’m a newbie free motion quilter (FMQ) so hopefully I don’t wreck the quilt.


My final FAL for this quarter will be my Blue Odyssey quilt.  I saw a beautiful wall hanging in an old edition of Quilt Mania.  I decided to try and duplicate the design and change it from a small wall quilt into a king size quilt.  I went a little overboard buying fabric.  When all is said and done I bet I will get at least one and quite likely 2 quilts out of the leftover fabric.  I need to finish the FMQ and then put the binding on….my least favourite part of making a quilt.


Update: 2013JAN13

I’m feeling ambitious today so I am going to add one more project to the FAL.  It is a fleece baby/twin quilt.  Once again it is one of my many UFO’s waiting for the binding to be hand sewn on to the back of the quilt.  I had an emergency appendectomy a few days ago so I am not able to sit at my machine and sew/quilt for a couple of weeks.   I have no excuse not to stretch out in the lazyboy and do the hand sewing.


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