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Tonight I used my discard to make a beautiful thin crust pizza dough. I slathered it with homemade pesto (made from basil grown in my tower garden) and grilled chicken. It was wonderful. The recipe made enough dough for 2 crusts so I have one frozen for another day.

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Sourdough Soup Bowls

I think this is my favourite sourdough discard recipe so far. Sourdough pretzel bun bowls filled with steaming Irish Beer Cheese Soup. Delicious 😋

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Did some more experimenting with my sourdough discard. How about sourdough everything bagels? OMG they taste amazing with the garlic forward “everything” spice mix on top. They lost their hole in the last rise so aesthetically they aren’t great but they have the sourdough flavour I really love.

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More fun with Sourdough Starter

Although I haven’t actually made a loaf of sourdough bread yet, I’m still having fun using up the discard rather than just throwing it out. Today we got to enjoy organic whole wheat/spelt sourdough raisin nut banana 🍌 bread. Mmmmm

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