2015 Quilts in Review

Thanks to the FAL and ALYoF I managed to complete 10 quilts in 2015. Three for charities, five as gifts and two more in my Leftovers series.

A Lovely Year of Finishes:

DNAgirlfront  Goal Post   Finish Post

LogCabinFMQ-1  Goal Post  Finish Post

Leah1 Goal Post   Finish Post

JC  Goal Post  Finish Post

Leftovers4Finished  Goal Post  Finish Post

QofVFinish2  Goal Post  Finish Post

BoyCribFinish  Goal Post  Finish Post




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3 responses to “2015 Quilts in Review

  1. farmquilter

    Congratulations on meeting so many goals!!! Very productive! Love your quilts and the quilting on them!!! I will miss ALYOF this year – they really helped me get so much finished!

  2. I have really enjoyed following you through the year and it is neat to see your alyof finishes together in a post! My favorite is still the girl’s donation quilt that you feathered!

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