Meet Milzie


I took the plunge….ok maybe it is more like a giant leap…and bought myself a longarm machine.  I got an APQS Millenium but I’m calling her Milzie.  Here she is being assembled by Matt (aka The Manquilter) and his father-in-law.  When he pulled it out of the box it had a giant red bow on it.  I feel like an overly excited kid with a new toy.

Here is my first quilt loaded and ready to go.  It seems only fitting that the first one is a charity quilt for the folks in High River Alberta who lost everything during the record flood earlier this year.  I have a total of 5 quilt tops that I am going to free motion quilt for them.


Miller_fmq1 Miller_fmq2


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4 responses to “Meet Milzie

  1. Sue

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where on earth did you put that thing????????????? WOW is about all I can say…amazing!!!!

  2. pmarsh

    Wow- congratulations – looking good. Have fun Patty

  3. Susan

    Congratulations on the new family edition! I think you are on a wonderful new adventure – so exciting!!

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