In the name of ‘science’

This morning I had to take Wally to the Vet because he had this weird, weeping, crusty, inflammation on the side of his muzzle. While we were waiting to see Dr. Scott they asked if I would be willing to allow Wally to participate in a study that the University of Calgary is doing. They are taking blood samples from pure bred dogs to study their longevity. My golden boy has been a regular blood donor for almost 10 years now so getting a blood sample from him would be easy. I mentioned that I had my other dogs with with me and offered their blood too.

Wally was in and out in 2 minutes. Then came Tango…my drama queen. She is such a German Shepherd. She started vocalizing the minute she got into the reception area. They took her into the back to get the sample. I could hear her screams from the waiting room. The Tech was laughing and shaking her head when she brought Tango back to me. Then came little Tilly. I thought for sure she was going to be a drama queen too but she surprised me. All the techs were busy in surgery so one of the other Vets volunteered to get her blood. Poor Tilly….I felt so sorry for her. They had a hard time finding the vein in her neck and they kept stabbing her repeatedly…my little ruby pin cushion. Finally the Vet gave up and got a Tech to complete the deed. As you can tell by Tilly’s facial expression…..she was NOT amused.

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  1. You are very nice to participate in the study, but oh the poor “kids” ! Your ruby is especially darling. We have a blenheim after many years of labs, and we find her charming!

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