Quilt club newbie

I just joined my first quilt club. It is called “Block-of-the-Month”. Once a month for 12 months we get together at a local quilt store to pick up our fabric and instructions to create the block for that month.  In January 2012 we will have 12 blocks completed and then comes the task of assembling them into a quilt.  The store owner will offer suggestions for piecing them together or you can use your own imagination to construct a finished quilt.  We had 3 colour options to choose from:  red/green Christmas theme, an earthy/fall bali batik collection or one called spring/summer.  I chose the spring/summer group.  Although I am not a big  fan of brown, gray or beige, I thought it would be good to challenge myself to try something outside of my comfort zone.  Here are the 6 fabrics that I will be using all year:

Each block will be constructed using the Lazy Angle ruler.  I’ve never used anything like this before so I’m looking forward to learning new cutting/piecing techniques.

There is only one rule for this club.  You have to finish your block for this month and bring it to the fabric pick-up for the next month to prove that it has been completed.  If your block is done you get your next bunch of fabrics for $3.50….if not then you have to pay $5.50 for your fabric.  Just a little incentive to help keep you on track.  I just finished my block for January. Phew I made the first deadline….only eleven more to go.  Here is my finished January block:

I’ve been quilting for a year and half now and to say that I was addicted would be an understatement.  I have completed  1 baby, 2 lap,  2 twin,  2 double, 2 queen and 4 king size quilts.  I also have 3 wall hangings, 1 lap and 2 kings size quilt tops in various stages of construction.  Do you think I need an intervention???


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3 responses to “Quilt club newbie

  1. Shell

    Wow that’s amazing!! The colours really came together nicely!! I wish I had your diligence!!

  2. Sue

    Man, wish I were closer as I would have you do one for me….you are AMAZING girlfriend!!!!!!!!

  3. Sue

    Hey Debs: just got back tonight (about 3 hrs ago) from our Carribean Cruise…WHOOO_HOOOOO about sums it up!!!! Yes, I do LOVE these colours and I would actually be using it in our guest room which is predominantly pinks and burgandy and some greens…….If you were to make a quilt in blues, yellows and greens it would be our bedroom (basically all the colours of Bali in our bedroom, our room contains no pink at all) Our guest room walls are an apple blossom pink with a cabbage rose border and all antique mahogany furniture from late 1800’s incl an armoir and vanity dresser so pinks, would have to be predominant in that room; next would be anything with the green in it, and in this case, the blue/grey would be the less featured….I can snap a pic of the room and send it out to you to your personal email to see what you think and if your gorgeous work of art is worthy of the room or should you decide to make another?????? who knows…lol I will also send a pic of our room out but it will be tomorrow as it’s late and I am beat…..see what you think though about your quilt fitting into our guest room……hugs and chat soon! I am hitting the hay….xo

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