My Co-pilots

Ok, I admit it.  I am a sucker for those big, sad, brown eyes.  When I am leaving the house, all Wally has to do is give me the ‘look’ and I have no choice but to invite the dogs to come along.  To be honest, I enjoy their company as much as they like tagging along as my co-pilots.  They take turns sitting in the passenger seat and watching the world go by.  They love drive-thrus and they instinctively know which ones give out dog treats.  When we go to our neighbourhood Tim Hortons, all three squish on to the front seat to wait for their dog cookie or better yet a Tim-bit.

It is funny to watch drivers’ reactions as they casually look around and then discover they are being watched by Tango’s intense stare or they ooh and ahh when they see little Tilly and Wally cuddled up together.   I can’t imagine my life without dogs.

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