I blew it.  Tango didn’t wake us up last night to go potty so I thought she was on the mend…..big mistake.  I went to work this morning with plans to come home around 10:00am to let her out.  Well I got busy, lost track of time and didn’t get home until noon.  I knew the second I opened the door and my olfactory sense kicked into overdrive it wasn’t going to be good. The poor girl had projectile diarrhea on the mat at the back door, all over the family room and even upstairs on the hallway rug.  I rushed in and opened the back door to let her out and she ran past me and exploded some more.  Oh but the good news doesn’t stop there.  I opened Tilly’s kennel and she was all wet. Guess who else has diarrhea.  She went straight into the sink for a full muzzle to tail bath…..yuk!  It’s a good thing that blogs don’t come with smell-a-vision and I won’t gross you out by posting any pictures of the fall-out.   On the positive side,  Tilly is all soft, silky and smelling wonderful.  It’s a good thing I love my ‘kids’.

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One response to “Stinky……PHEW!!!!!!

  1. boomerkid

    awww..she looks so soft !! her feet

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