It’s certification day

We were up at 6am this morning to get Tango fed and Don off to his certification test. Unfortunately it is raining and there isn’t much air movement which will make it very tough for the dogs. The testing started at 8am and Don had strict instructions to phone me as soon as he completed each of the five tests. I still hadn’t heard from him by 09:30 so I texted him to see what was happening. Unfortunately things are moving slowly and he hasn’t even started his first test yet. The poor guy is soaking wet and he still has the whole day ahead of him.

11:00 – just got an update. They have competed the large article test and they passed. One down and 4 to go.

2:45pm – They just finished their small article search. This is the one we were the most concerned about. We know that she will find the articles but she doesn’t always lie down when she does. She did it! She found all 4 articles. Next comes the people search.

3pm – Obedience test completed. The wind has picked up so that is going to help. Don’s clothes are starting to dry out. He had to stop and drain his boots and ring out his socks.

3:15 – Person search done. Yippee! Four profiles completed so there is just alleys left. They are leaving the field and heading to a residential area for the last test.

4:28 – Alleys….passed. It’s official….Team Tango is certified for another year!!!

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