Wally Honoured

Since Wally was a year old, he has been making regular blood donations to the Canadian Animal Blood Bank at NAIT. The blood is used to provide transfusions for sick and injured dogs across Canada. We were given this certificate of achievement to recognize his 21 previous donations. He has an appointment to give blood this afternoon so that will increase the official total to 22 donations.


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4 responses to “Wally Honoured

  1. Sofia

    what a hero you are Wally!!…Lots of treats for you later..I’m sure! :)))

  2. Marsha

    You’re the best Wally!! Love ya!!

  3. Susan

    Wally you are one very special and terrific guy regardless of how anyone looks at it!!! Congratulations.

  4. Rachel

    Congratulations Wally! That is a great accomplishment! I would like to check that out for my dogs.

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