She becomes an ‘it’

This morning I am dropping Tilly off at our Vet’s office so that she can be spayed. I was hoping to wait until she was 6 months old (she is 5.5 months) but our boy Wally has been telling us for the last few weeks that she is starting to become a young woman and is close to coming into heat. The boy’s nose…knows. He has alerted to a female in heat up to a month before it starts and he has never been wrong so we have learned to trust his nose. Hopefully she won’t have to wear one of those cones on her head to stop her from licking her belly. I think she would find it very stressful.

Tilly’s long coat has just started to show promise but I guess we will have to start back at square one because they will likely be shaving the long hair on the side of her belly. When I go back this afternoon, I will be bringing Tango with me so that she can get her annual exam and shots. We need to provide proof that she is a healthy dog before she can qualify for her RCMP certification in a couple of weeks.


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3 responses to “She becomes an ‘it’

  1. boomerkid

    awww..I wish they could stay as puppies….lol

    she’s growing up too fast!

  2. Shell

    Good luck Tilley!
    Make sure you remain quite so you can heal! (ya right)

  3. Shell

    Good luck Tilley!!
    Remember to stay quiet after surgery! (ya right!!)
    Stay brave mum!

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