Puppies and kids

When we were trying to decide which breed we should get, one of our most important criteria was that the dog had to be great with kids.  Up until now, the only interactions Tilly has had with children was walking by a few at the off-leash park.   Today we spent the day with Susan and her granddaughters Petra and Gwen.  Tilly definitely lived up to the Cavalier promise of being great with kids.  Even when the girls got excited, jumped and made loud noise……Tilly seemed to take it all in stride.  At first she was far to excited, jumping up and licking the girls like crazy.  It took a few minutes but she quickly settled down and just enjoyed being with them.  The visit ended with Petra and Tilly curling up on the couch together……so sweet!!!

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  1. Susan

    Hey Tilly, thanks for your visit today. You are a great playmate and companion. The girls loved you and you really helped fill the empty spots in our house. Please come again!

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