Perfect puppy weekend

On the weekend we always try to get the dogs out for a few off-leash runs. Tango lives to play with her chucker and Wally and Tilly are just happy to be outside with us. Here are a couple of videos from our weekend. The first one is just video of Tilly and Wally enjoying being at the off-leash park. The second one is Tango playing with her chucker. She is obsessed with it. If you watch her closely you will see that when she is chasing the ball, she makes herself more aerodynamic by flattening her giant ears against the top of her head. As she closes in on the ball they stand up straight almost like air brakes to help her slow down.


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3 responses to “Perfect puppy weekend

  1. Zofia P

    I’m enjoying your updates on Tilly..she sure gets a workout following Tango..& she’s really attached to

    Lovely family you have there!!

    Tilly is growing up too

  2. Sue

    LOVE the updates!!!!! Tilly is sure part of the family~!~!~~~Keep ’em coming! Brings a smile to may face every issue!

  3. I’ve just read that our puppies were born two days apart! Buffy (my blenhiem cavalier) was born on the 24th December 2009!

    Adorable videos, sounds like a fun day!

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