Puppy Heaven

Last weekend we went to Patty’s acreage to have some fun and give Spirit a chance to meet some new dogs and people and give her the first real opportunity for an off leash run.  She is a bit of a timid little girl so I wasn’t quite sure how she was going to react.  I was prepared just in case she was overwhelmed and decided to take off in the opposite  direction.  I have to give credit to the power of a group of wonderful dogs.  She was totally relaxed and immediately joined in with the group.  She made appropriate play signals and I never saw any fear or anxiousness in her body language.  It was truly a beautiful thing.  After our walk we all headed inside to enjoy a meal together.  It is wonderful to be able to have a house full of dogs and never having to worry about any dog aggression issues.


The gang….6 two legged and 6 four legged adventurers (David the missing camera man)



A tired and content puppy



Taking a wee nibble of Boomer’s jowly cheek



Hope and Wally relaxing after a beautiful afternoon outdoors



Did I mention that Spirit was exhausted….



Tilly looking rested and relaxed because everyone took turns carrying the princess….she sure knows how to work a crowd.



Spirit kept trying to lick Wally’s tongue


Beautiful, shiny black Hope

Beautiful, shiny black Hope

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One response to “Puppy Heaven

  1. Sue

    Spirit’s sure a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure looks like the dogs had a great time!!!!

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