QAL – Week 7


We got to assemble our quilt top this week.  All my points aren’t perfect…..but I’m ok with that.   I think that adds to the beauty/uniqueness of something that is hand made and not mass produced.  I will only go back and redo something if it is really off and it bothers me.

We’ve got two weeks to sandwich and quilt our tops if we want to participate in the final quilt parade.  I don’t know if I will get mine done….but I am happy to have the top finished.  For a quilt with colours that are totally outside of my comfort zone…..I like the final product.  It has a bit of a modern feel to it even though the blocks are more traditional.  I’ve been playing around with free motion quilting ideas….but I’m not totally happy with my plan so far.  I need to do a little ‘surfin’ and ‘pinteresting’ to see if I can fine tune my ideas.

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6 responses to “QAL – Week 7

  1. I love your colors and the final quilt top! It’s beautiful!

  2. Your top is absolutely stunning!! I have loved these colors from the get go and they came out just wonderful. And I totally can’t tell your points are slightly off, they look great. And you won’t ever see them after it is quilted 😉 This is such a beautiful quilt top, great job!!

  3. I agree. I always make one small mistake so people know it’s handmade and not mass produced

  4. Mara

    Fantastic job, love the colors and it is so HUGE!

  5. Great placement of colors and fabric. Hope to have mine quilted for the parade too. But like you, I haven’t settled on the quilting.

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