FAL Finish – 2011 BOM

2011 BOM

2011BOMI am so happy to finally finish this quilt from the 2011 Block-of-the-Month program at QuiltEssential Co. The 12 blocks sat around for months while I tried to get the motivation to assemble them into a quilt top. Although I did enjoy the BOM experience, I really wasn’t thrilled with the end result….too traditional for my tastes. Thanks to this FAL and my commitment to get it done in time for the annual quilt show….it is finished. The really amazing news is that it won 2nd place in the show. I was totally shocked. Click here to read more about this quilt.


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2 responses to “FAL Finish – 2011 BOM

  1. Sue

    wow, I had no idea it would turn out like that, it did not seem like that in the month to month blocks…congrats on your win!!!! You deserve it!

  2. Leanne

    This is a beautiful quilt and congratulations on the ribbon too.

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