My quilts are finished

I got my two quilts back from the Manquilter. I’m pleased with how they turned out. The blue floral quilt had a lot of detail quilting whereas the Asian quilt just had an overall design done. Last weekend I took a longarm quilting class from Matt. I am hoping that in the near future, with a little more experience/practice, I will be able to do all the longarm work on my own quilts.  To see more pictures and read about them click on the appropriate link:




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3 responses to “My quilts are finished

  1. Shell

    Those look absolutely incredible! Fantastic job!

  2. Sue

    Debbie: these quilts are absolutely gorgeous…I am totally blown away with the talent in them (and quite envious too) I do not know where u find the time to do all that you do and still have any time left for you..Your gardens, your dogs, your quilting, your dog walking…you are amazing!!! WOW!!!!!!!! I love reading your posts and do hope that you can read my replies as I am never quite sure on this “magic box”…hugs


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