Happy Birthday Tilly

It is hard to believe that our little girl turns 1 today.  She has brought such joy and laughter to our home.  There is something about having a small, cuddly dog that you can pick up and smooch.  She has taken over our bed and makes sure that she has the best real estate..between the two of us and under the covers of course. Her birthday present was a big, juicy prime rib bone.


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4 responses to “Happy Birthday Tilly

  1. Happy Birthday Tilly. Give your Mum and Dad a special hug and kisses for taking such good care of you. Enjoy your Birthday bone.
    Lotsa Hugs and kisses from

  2. boomerkid


    What a beauty she has turned out to be!!!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday from Lacey and Misty! Tilly is a beautiful girl!

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