Tilly is ‘Official’

We just received Tilly’s Canadian Kennel Club registration in the mail today (thanks Chris!).  This was the final step in transferring ownership from the breeder to us.  They combined the Kennel name with her name so her official registered name is Caruaidd Tilly.


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3 responses to “Tilly is ‘Official’

  1. boomerkid

    Awww..Tilley!..look at you now!!..all growed up & official…lol

    Her looks seems to say “Well, it’s about time”..lol

    but she still looks like a puppy except for the ‘wiser’ look in her eye!
    Congratulations to Caruaidd Tilly & family!!!

  2. You’re welcome :-). Hugs to All, two and four foots.

  3. Susan

    Tilly you look like such a mature little princess! Were you just waiting for the right moment to spring that on us? Congratulations on your “officialness”.

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