Thunder and lightning…oh my!!!

For the last 3 nights we have had thunder storms.  In our house that is not a good thing.  Things started to change last summer.  When Tango would sense a storm coming, she would start pacing, licking and looking very anxious.  Once the thunder and lightening started then all she wanted to do was sit on top of me.  That’s 65 lbs of solid puppy on my chest or head.  It appears that she is more anxious this year than last.  I can feel her crawling up on the foot of the bed very quietly and carefully because she knows she isn’t supposed to be on the bed unless she is invited.  As the thunder and lightning intensifies she gets closer and closer to me…..and then its “I don’t care if you know that I am on the bed…..I need my Mommy!!!!!!”.  Poor girl.  I don’t want to baby or caudle her because that will only teach her that there really is something to be afraid off. 

It was the same with our first Shepherd Tasha.  As she aged she became more and more frightened.  It was a blessing when she went deaf because she would sleep through most storms. The good news is that Wally and Tilly don’t have any fear…..they just want to get their beauty rest.  Let’s hope tonight will be storm free so that I can catch up on my beauty sleep too!

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  1. Sue

    I hear you on the storms…my 2 shep. crosses are the same…goes for fireworks too (like tonight)….I use a homeopathic tincture “RESCUE REMEDY” or Pet Valu’s brand “ANXIETY” or ‘VALARIAN’ from the Health food store…all help to calm them down and take the edge off….drops per dog are according to weight….Poor babies….

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