Wally’s Bear

Wally’s favourite toy is his giant stuffed bear. It is bigger than he is but he will drag it around the house or outside so that he has it with him. Normally anything that is stuffed gets killed quickly in our house…..everything but Wally’s bear.  Over the years he has never shared his bear with any other dog…..but for some reason he has relaxed the rule for Tilly. She has found a hole in the back seam and she is always pulling the stuffing out. Even though she just had 4 teeth pulled and has numerous stitches in her belly from her spay and hernia repair…..it doesn’t seem to stop her from wrestling with the bear. It’s feet are larger than she is. If you listen closely you can hear her snorting as she pulls at the red nose and the heart appliques on the paw.

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  1. Susan

    Hope just finished watching Tilly with Walter’s big bear. She loved your voice. At one point she heaved a big hahrumph sigh – I think she was wondering why Tilly got to share Walter’s bear……(must be the t-shirt, eh?) Glad you are recovering so well Tilly!

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