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12 Weeks Old

Spirit20150224-2 Spirit20150224I am shocked at just how fast Spirit is growing.  She looks like a dog…not a puppy.  Her big furry coat makes her look huge but if you touch her there is just a little skinny body under all that fur.

This is a cute video showing Spirit’s first time going down the stairs and how much better she was the next day.  Both Wally and Tilly got in on the action.

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Day 1and training begins

We had a pretty good night considering how stressful the drive was for her.  We just hung out for a couple of hours letting her explore us and the dogs.  We did one quick ‘charge the clicker session’ and then headed to bed.  She whimpered for a couple of minutes and then fell asleep.  All night I kept looking over the side of the bed wondering if she was awake and needed to go out.  I woke her up at 4 am and and took her outside.  She peed and pooped and then we just hung out on the kitchen floor for a couple of hours.  Just before heading back to bed I did another quick ‘charge the clicker session’.   I knew she already understood the game.  As soon as I clicked she was looking for the treat.  Again she settled in just a few minutes and I got to stay in bed until 0730.  That’s unheard-of for me.

I decided to start our first training session with the Staples easy button.  I put it down and she went to sniff it.  Click – treat….and she had the game.  I got Don to video our second session.  You can tell from the first moment of the video that she knew what she needed to do to get the click.  Once I raised my criteria and didn’t click for a nose touch you can see her mind working to try and process what was going on.  She looked at me and then at Don…thought about for a few seconds and then came back to the button.  That is just what I Iove to see.  She didn’t give up and walk away from the game.

After her lunch, I brought out the easy button again.  She accidentally hit it with her paw and the recording went off.  I made a big, happy fuss and she was so pleased with herself.  The next time I put it down she immediately hit it with her paw.  I just wish Don had been video taping.

Here is one more quick video of her playing.  I can’t help but laugh as I watch her pounce on the ball.

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