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My Tower is Planted

IMG_0059This weekend I added all my home grown seedlings into my Tower Garden.  I can’t wait to see how well things grow,  I also seeded in dirt some of the same varieties so that I can compare the taste of my Tower grown food with plants grown outside in the garden.

I also experimented with seeding Boston butter lettuce directly into the tower rather than starting them first and adding them to the tower once they have well established roots.  I want to compare the germination success to see which method I will use going forward.

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Tower Garden

My new toy arrived last Friday. It is an aeroponic tower garden that can be used both indoors or outside. My gym has had a couple of them hanging around for a while and I instantly fell in love. I seeded a bunch of greens, chives, tomatoes and peppers Saturday morning. The first sprouts appeared in less than 48 hours. I can’t wait until they are big enough to be moved to the tower.

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