Covid Sourdough Craze

I have to admit I am a late comer to the Sourdough bread phenomenon that has developed out of COVID-19 quarantine. I’m a big lover of sourdough bread but I only indulge a few times a year because carbs are not my friend. Cathie generously shared some of her starter with me. I spent a couple of days feeding “George” making sure that he was happy and bubbly in his new home. Each time I fed him I had to discard part of the starter. I collected the discards and used them to make a delicious organic sourdough chocolate cake. The recipe that inspired this cake called for 1 cup of maple syrup. I was worried it was going to be too sweet but it turned out perfect for me.


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2 responses to “Covid Sourdough Craze

  1. Susan Conforti

    we’ve never heard of the sourdough craze here…what’s it all about…is it like a friendship cake idea??? your cake looks amazing!

    • No, during quarantine the ”in” thing to do was to create your own sourdough starter and start baking bread at home. Each time you feed your starter you have to throw half of it in the garbage so people started coming up with recipes to use the discarded starter in other recipes rather than throw it out. The bacteria in sourdough starter is supposed to be very healthy for the gut

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