Polar Vortex sucks!!!

It has been almost 2 weeks since the dogs have been able to go outside for anything more than a potty break or a brisk 1km sprint. I can’t remember the last time we had such an extended cold spell. And the wind makes it even worse. Sadly we recorded no mileage or points for the final week of Iron Paws. It looks like there might be a slow improvement in temps coming in the next week.

Finally got the dogs out for a quick off leash run. They were so happy to stretch their legs and run free.

Because of the cold, I am falling behind in my training for the 1/2 corked marathon. I forced myself to bundle up and head out for a brisk 4km this morning. The temp with the windchill was close to -40.

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  1. Susan Conforti

    sand the enjoyment is where when it is that cold???? I would not be able to breathe that kind of cold air..Kuddos to you…give me HEAT!!! It actually was a balmy -2 here today and I actually ventured outside…we were in the -30’s all last week too…got to -37 with windchill…

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