A Sprinter is Born

This weekend we attended the ALCA (Alberta Lure Coursing Association) Frosty Canine Trial. We had a blast. We were shocked to see how intense Brodie’s prey drive was. I wasn’t strong enough to hold him back if he caught a glimpse of another dog running after the lure. We decided that I would be the catcher at the finish line and Don would be the holder at the start line. While we were waiting for his first run, Brodie flipped Don over trying to get to the lure on the opposite side of the field. We ended up using two leashes and both of us holding on for dear life to get him off the field after his run. It took him just under 9 seconds to complete his first 100 metre sprint which equates to 40km per hour. Wow!! His second run was identical. We walked away with two Q’s and 80 points.

In the afternoon we tried Chase Ability for the first time. It is a 600 yards (545 metres) with several twists and turns. The runs are not timed but the dog must complete the run without stopping and with enthusiasm. I was a little worried that the distance might prove to be too much but I was wrong. He never got distracted or lost interest in the chase.

When we got home Saturday, I thought he would eat and pass out….not! He showed no sign of being tired.

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