Final Farewell to Wally

0E4F7A06-38F0-4781-947D-BCB4469FAF97We’ve had Wally’s ashes for almost a month but I have not been able to force myself to spread them somewhere. I woke up this morning and knew today was the day.  What better day than Father’s Day to celebrate my Golden boy’s 17 beautiful years of life.  He sired 7 litters of guide and service dog puppies (over 50 puppies).  Although he has outlived many of them, there are still numerous Wally babies working with their partners to make their lives better.  His ashes joined our beloved Tango’s ashes in a beautiful wildlife park. They are back together again.  I know they are both waiting faithfully for me to join them.


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3 responses to “Final Farewell to Wally

  1. Pauline

    Hi Deb, I’m truly sorry to hear about Wally’s passing. He seemed like such a wonderful dog. I always enjoy all the photos and somehow feel I got to know him through this blog. I’m sure he and Tango are having fun in spirit world.

  2. I’m so sorry about Wally passing away. 😢 Storm was put down in September and I just can’t release them. I’ve thought about it. Darn human attachments on material things! 😊

  3. Susan Conforti

    what a truly beautiful and so fitting tribute! Hugs x0

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