365 Challenge

IMG_5140On January 1st 2016, I started  Kathryn Kerr’s 365 Challenge.  The idea was to make a quilt block every day and at the end of the year you would have a quilt top made up of 365 different blocks.  Several times I got way behind but I always managed to catch up.  I got all the way to December 10th and then I stopped.  21 days from the finish….crazy!  I’m sick and tired of those blocks starring back at me so I have challenged myself to finish the quilt top by the end of 2017 (only one year late).  I sat down to work on December 10th’s block and then I knew why I gave up on that date.  This 6″ block is made up of dozens of 1/2 inch finished half square triangles.  That’s crazy.  Determined to keep my goal on track, it took me most of the day, but I knuckled down and finished it.  It’s quite nice but man I would never make another one.  I was just on Kathryn’s website and I see that in 2018 she is repeating the 2016 quilt so if you want to torture yourself, seriously it was a good exercise in patience and piecing many different blocks, there is still time to join up.


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2 responses to “365 Challenge

  1. Pauline

    Oh my… no wonder you needed a break. That’s quite the block!

  2. Susan Conforti

    was wondering if you were still quilting…..glad to see you are….beautiful piece!

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