Settling In


Our little Brodie is settling in nicely.  He is a little afraid of Spirit’s larger than life personality and is very respectful of my beautiful oldie Goldie Wally.  Unfortunately he is like an unruly, annoying little brother with poor little Tilly.  We have to keep rescuing her from his grip.


I can’t stop taking pictures of his sweet little face.  Each image is cuter than the last.






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3 responses to “Settling In

  1. Omygoodnessss!! Brodie is so adorable! I better not let my humom see this photos she will get puppy fever!!!

  2. Pauline

    What a sweetie pie! And Wally is such a wonderful dog – keeping watch over the little one.

  3. Sue

    simply adorable!!! I feel for poor Tilly as our Lexi has the same probs with our pup NOVA grabbing her head and ears…..

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