Bucket List Disappointment

Although I was present at the birth of almost all of the litters that Wally sired, and I saw the puppies almost daily, I never had the opportunity to whelp a litter myself.  This has been a bucket list item for me for many years.

When we bought Spirit, we got join ownership with the breeder.  The plan was to show her and if all went well, eventually use her as a breeding bitch for Tailspin.  Sadly, at 6 months we found out that Spirit had a bad shoulder so that quickly put an end to her breeding career.

In November we were asked if we would be willing to whelp a litter of service dog puppies.  Although having a litter during an Alberta winter is not my idea of fun (puppies can never go outside and play) we accepted the challenge.  Molly was inseminated in mid November.  The sperm was collected from a beautiful English Golden from National Service Dogs with a great track record of producing quality puppies.  On Friday Molly went for an ultrasound to confirm if she was pregnant.  Sadly she was not.  There are a lot of sad and disappointed people….especially me.  They are hoping to give it one more try the next time Molly comes into season.  On the positive side, it looks like cute little McMullin might be hanging around with us for a few weeks longer.


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