Hypothermic Half Marathon



Little Spirit came to cheer me on at the start of this morning’s race.  It was a tough one with very icy conditions and a cold breeze.  I did manage to finish tied for fourth and 2nd woman overall but I had a very slow second half of the race.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for the after race ceremony so I didn’t get my medals.


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4 responses to “Hypothermic Half Marathon

  1. Shell

    You are amazing!!! Well done!

  2. That’s freaking amazing!! I ran here in Winnipeg. It was -40 C !!! So crazy. I did not finish anywhere near the front of the pack. Lol!!

  3. Sue

    congrats///////you look amazing! Man, has Spirit ever grown!

  4. Well done! Impressive that you braved the cold, doubly so given your result. I’ll be sticking to my exercise bike in the basement until the warmer weather arrives.

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