Surprise…she’s here!!!


Last night the breeder called and asked us if we would like to pick up our puppy one day earlier. We have a snow storm coming on Thursday and she was worried about us making the hour long drive out to her farm in a blizzard. Very thoughtful and of course I would love to get Spirit as soon as possible. Well here she is. It was a very stressful ride home in the car. It looks like I am going to have my first puppy who is terrified of being in the car. We’ll work very slowly and hopefully get her more comfortable. We took just a few pictures when we got home and now she is crashed. Hopefully we will have a quiet night. Welcome to your new family Spirit.



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2 responses to “Surprise…she’s here!!!

  1. Spirit is adorable! I am sure she will sleep better in her new home and hopefully you all will! One car ride at a time will probably do the trick, good luck with that.

  2. You got yourselves a little cutie-pie there! I hope Spirit will come to enjoy car rides 🙂

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