Healthy start to 2013

Once again this year we spent New Year’s morning with at least a thousand other crazy people doing the annual Brita 5K Resolution Run. Last year it was in the minus 20 degree range but today it was sunny and 0. I over dressed so I had to start stripping off layers at the 2K mark.  Unfortunately we didn’t win any of the draw prizes but we had a good pancake and sausage breaky.


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  1. Sue

    Honey………………you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year to you and on and the “kids”….you and Don look AMAZING .Hope you think of of us for a quilt from you in the future in yellows and blues (if I should be so bold as to ask……yikes!!!!!!!) I sooooooooooo love and admire your work it would be an honour and a pleasure/pridilidge to display such a work of art in my home if it is still your passion…….Happy nEW yEAR TOO…………………………….

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