2011 Block of the Month

I finally finished all 12 of of my quilt blocks for 2011 (these are Sep – Dec).  In February, we will all get together to talk about different ideas on how to use these 12 blocks in quilt.  I haven’t decided whether to make it a queen or kings size or who I am going to give it to when it is finished.  There has been one person who really seemed to like the colour combination.  Hey “Susu & Lulu” what size is your bed????


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3 responses to “2011 Block of the Month

  1. Sue

    we’re a Queen…should be a kjng with our furry family…queen just does not cut all 5 of us in bed when Wyly is the side of a small adult…lol….I am just so in awe of your quilting and accomplishments…blow me away and love to see every month that you make!!!! Wow, Wow, Wow…. You truly make quilts that will go down in history and time! Keep those photos coming as I just love to look at them….true works or art…. xoxoxoox cudos to you girl!

    • We had to switch to a king to accommodate our critters too. Maybe a king would be better in case you upsize in the near future.

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      • Sue

        our room is too small to fit a king size bed, we would have to take out the night tables if so…lol oh well, gives us more room to ‘cuddle’ this way!

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