Happy Birthday Wally

I can’t believe my boy is 10 years old today.  Yikes……I just can’t even bare to think of a day that I will come home and not find that beautiful, big golden boy face waiting for me at the door. I keep telling my Vet that the day I have to put Wally down he might as well have a second injection ready to put me out of my misery. I know, for you non-dog lovers, you think I am nuts.  I have such a strong connection to this boy and he brings such joy to my life that the thought of him aging and one day going to puppy heaven is almost unbearable.  Ok…enough sadness, let’s celebrate his wonderful life.

Wally’s favourite treat in the whole world is Tim Bits.  So this morning he got 1/2 a Tim Bit for every year.  You can see the drool pouring out of his big, jowly muzzle and the leftover yogurt on top of his nose (from cleaning out my breakfast bowl).


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday Wally

  1. Marsha

    Happy birthday Wally!!! Luv ya!!

  2. Susan

    Have a GREAT! day Wally, from all of us – hugs and smooches to you.

  3. Sue

    OMG Debs, you made me cry! I fully understand and every day is a gift with your beloved pets. We lost 3 in 2 yrs and I never thought I would recover. RIP Starlett, Macey and Jack……the joy that I have now are Wyly-Ranger, Sheena-Mae and Lexington…….BUT, love all as I do, Starlett and Macey held such a special place in my heart! I LOVE the pose of Wally and such pearly-whites!!!! Hope he enjoyed his Tim-bits and all…he deserves it…..by the way, remember the clip u sent on “Lucky” the dog….tragically amazing story…anyhow, I got to meet the dogs aunt and uncle today at a clients and “Lucky” is now just over a wonderful two years old and doing amazing……warmed my heart to hear this as I recalled when u sent me the clip on u-tube….there is a ‘puppy-God’ for sure I know now…..

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