Snow…snow….go away snow!

Spring can’t come soon enough for us this year. According to the weather gods, our region hasn’t seen such a long, grey, snowy and bleak winter since the 1970’s. This picture was taken on the weekend. It shows Don standing in front of the snow mound on the side of our driveway. It is hard to get the perspective right……Don is over 6 feet tall and the snow is several feet taller than he is and this isn’t even the highest that it was. It is going to be well into June before all this white stuff melts away naturally. We might have to fire up the old snow blower to start breaking down the mound and throwing it into the middle of the cul-de-sac to help it melt quicker.

On Saturday we drove almost 3 hours south of here. As we got further away from home, there was less and less snow. When we got to our destination, the ditches and fields along the highway were bare grass. Quite a noticable contrast to what we have here.

It has been a really tough winter for Team Tango to train. It has been either brutally cold or they have been very limited on where there could go because of the depth of the snow. Even with 30″ snow shoes on, Don was still stinking a foot or more into the snow and poor Tango would do “face plants” when she was in a full run and the snow suddenly gave way below her.

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