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2012 BOM Blues – FAL finish #9


Once again in 2012 I participated in QuiltEssential Co’s block of the month program.  We pieced a block every month and then you have all of 2013 to assemble the blocks into a finished quilt using a design they suggest or come up with something on your own.  The January 2014 quilt show will feature all the BOM quilts from 2012.

This colour way was called blues.  To read about the making of this quilt and to see more pictures, please click here.


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Opera – FAL finish #10


This is the second BOM quilt that I worked on in 2012 (this is the other one called Blues).  Although the 12 block designs are the same in both quilts, the overall finished quilts are so very different.  Follow the link to see more pictures and to read about the making of Opera.

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Four Sisters and WIP

My friend Susan has 4 beautiful grand-daughters and she is the most amazing Nana.  The girls love to spend time with her and the two oldest like to help her sew and quilt.   She let the girls go through her stash and pick the fabrics they liked best.  They cut them into small strips and then they sat on Nana’s lap as she sewed them together to make a string that was as long as they were tall.   When they were finished that had four very colourful strips.  As a Christmas surprise, Susan incorporated the strips into a quilt design.  She was running out of time to complete her gift so I volunteered to quilt it for her.  I made a few suggestions to personalize the quilt by having Susan write their names on each strip and then I quilted over her markings so that it was her handwriting.  She gave me the freedom to FMQ it as I saw fit.

We used a polyester backing with lots of loft that allowed me to quilt designs into the background.  Susan has a dog and a cat that the girls just adore so I thought I should add their foot prints.


4sisters3 4sisters2 4sisters1 4sisters

The two 2012 block of the month quilts might just be done in time for the annual quilt show in January.  “Opera” has been quilted and I am hand sewing the binding.   “Blues” is on the frame now.  It took me almost 2 full days to do all the ditch work to stabilize the quilt before I start quilting the background.  Still don’t have a complete plan in my head yet but I am getting there.


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2013 WIP  Size   Current status
Pink & blue batik  King   binding
Asian Shadow Box  King   waiting for borders
2012 BOM ‘Blues’  King   FMQ
2012 BOM ‘Opera  King   binding
Kimono  Wall hanging   quilt top
Waterlily  Wall hanging   quilt top
One block wonder  Queen   piecing
Peacock  Lap   quilt top
Leftovers I  Lap   Binding
Leftovers II  Lap   quilt top
Blue Hydrangea  King   FMQ
Dragonflies  Wall hanging   Binding
Charm Square Crib  Baby (x3)  quilt top(1), binding(2)
2013 Completions   Size
Tropical Punch   Lap
Little Warriors  Twin (x2)
Xmas Surprise   Lap
2011 BOM ‘Spring   King
Blue Odyssey   King
High River Quilts   Lap (x5)
Kassidy’s flannel   Baby
Sue’s Summer Breeze   Queen/King
Star Surround QAL   Lap/Twin


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2013 FAL – 1st Quarter

FALIt is time to pick the unfinished quilts (UFOs) that I am going to commit to completing in the first quarter of this year’s quilt finish-a-long (FAL).  This is my first FAL so I want to pick UFOs that have been hanging around for a while and that I am sure, ok pretty sure, that I will actually be able to complete as promised.

My first choice is the 2011 Block of the Month (BOM) with Quilt Essential.  I managed to get all my blocks done in 2011 and I even started working on assembling the quilt top in early 2012 but I never finished it.  This Sunday is the annual BOM quilt show and we are supposed to have our 2011 quilts done and hanging in the show.  I’m pretty close.   I just have to finish sewing on the binding and cut off all the threads.


You can see why it takes so long to hand sew on the binding…..my little, furry quilt helper loves to take a nap in the middle of my project.  I don’t have the heart to disturb the princess so that I can move on to a new section.


My second choice is my Blue Hydrangea quilt.  This is the first quilt top I ever made.  It hung around my sewing room for a year before I found a long armer to quilt it for me.  Unfortunately he forgot to use the beautiful wool batting that I provided (he used a plain cotton blend) and he didn’t quilt the individual flower blocks they way we had discussed.  It hung around for another year waiting for me to put the binding on.  I procrastinated because I wanted to use a striped fabric on the bias but I had never made biased binding before.  I’ve almost got all the binding on now but I still want to pick out all the stitching on the floral blocks and replace it with some free motion quilting that will show off the blocks.  I’m a newbie free motion quilter (FMQ) so hopefully I don’t wreck the quilt.


My final FAL for this quarter will be my Blue Odyssey quilt.  I saw a beautiful wall hanging in an old edition of Quilt Mania.  I decided to try and duplicate the design and change it from a small wall quilt into a king size quilt.  I went a little overboard buying fabric.  When all is said and done I bet I will get at least one and quite likely 2 quilts out of the leftover fabric.  I need to finish the FMQ and then put the binding on….my least favourite part of making a quilt.


Update: 2013JAN13

I’m feeling ambitious today so I am going to add one more project to the FAL.  It is a fleece baby/twin quilt.  Once again it is one of my many UFO’s waiting for the binding to be hand sewn on to the back of the quilt.  I had an emergency appendectomy a few days ago so I am not able to sit at my machine and sew/quilt for a couple of weeks.   I have no excuse not to stretch out in the lazyboy and do the hand sewing.


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2011 Block of the Month

I finally finished all 12 of of my quilt blocks for 2011 (these are Sep – Dec).  In February, we will all get together to talk about different ideas on how to use these 12 blocks in quilt.  I haven’t decided whether to make it a queen or kings size or who I am going to give it to when it is finished.  There has been one person who really seemed to like the colour combination.  Hey “Susu & Lulu” what size is your bed????


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More Blocks of the Month

Is has been a few months since I have posted my quilt blocks for the Quiltessenial Company 2011 Block of the Month Club.  Here are May through August.  We are two thirds of the way through the year and only 4 more blocks need to be completed before I can start thinking about how I am going to assemble them into a finished quilt.

To see all the blocks, click here.

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March and April BOM

Finally got around to posting my Block of the Month quilt blocks for March and April.  We are a 1/3 of the way through…..4 blocks down 8 more to go. I am proud to say that I finished March’s block the weekend I got my kit and I did April’s block the day I got it.   Now that is efficiency.  I would like to say that I am always like that but I would be a big, fat liar.  I don’t know if it is aging or 20 plus years living with the King of procrastination…but I’ve become quite good at putting things off and never getting around to them.

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