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Chopper Girl

This past weekend Team Tango participated in a multi-agency mock search in the Slave Lake area.  The training scenario was a plane crash in the remote wilderness with 15 passengers and crew that needed to be located and rescued.  The search included 4 helicopters, 2 fixed wing aircraft, 3 boats, approximately 30 quads and 110 personnel.  They utilized an actual 1975DEC29 plane crash site which added to the realism of  the search.  The disaster scenario tested the readiness of many agencies including Slave Lake Regional Fire Services, RCMP, Environmental and Sustainable Resource Development (Fish and Wildlife, Lands and Forest), Slave Lake Regional SAR, Edmonton Regional SAR, local aviation companies and of course the Canadian Search Dog Association.

Team Tango was deployed to two search areas and travelled by quad into the crash site.  They also did a person search demonstration for the Slave Lake Regional Fire Chief.  The big thrill of the day for Don was getting to ride in a helicopter with Tango.  I think Tango was more fascinated with the flashing  lights and reflections inside the helicopter than she was with the actual flight.  Our girl is a little OCD when it comes to watching and chasing reflections.  Here is a video and some pictures from the mock search:


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31km on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!  We decided to celebrate our country’s birthday today by going for a 31KM walk…not really… just happened to coincide with our training calendar.   I can’t believe that I actually speed walked for 31kms and lived to blog about it.  This is the longest distance I have ever tackled and I’m now thinking that maybe, just maybe,  I might actually be able to complete the Derby Marathon in August.

We left the house at 6am and it was a comfortable 14 degrees celcius with a light breeze.  By the 20KM mark it was cold, windy and pouring rain.  We actually completed the last 11kms that way hence the lovely photograph.  We had to strip out of our soaking wet clothes at the front door.  Don headed for a long, hot shower and I jumped into the hot tub to try and warm up.  We are both suffering from numerous, giant blisters but darn it…….”I feel good


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