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Big Puppy!!!

We spent another wonderful day at Patty’s acreage with all the dogs. It was great to walk the property without trudging through thigh deep snow…..but…..the damn mosquitos were crazy.  I’ve never seen so many in my life.  We had to bathe our entire bodies in deep woods off to keep from getting eaten alive.  There were so many that you could hear a loud hum.  The City is saying that we are experiencing the worst mosquito infestation ever in recorded history.  The annoying part is that this variety is out in full force during the hottest part of the day. Poor Hope got so many bites on her pretty, black face that she was all swollen and itchy.  She must have an allergy to them.

Even with all the skeeters we had a wonderful time.  Tilly got to meet a horse up close and personal…..I think the horse enjoyed it more than she did.

Wally managed to roll in everything stinky and disgusting that he could find. His beautiful golden coat took on a greenish patina from all the poop he ground into it.  We left the big dogs outside in the dog run so that they could dry off.  Tango managed to squish her fat head through the gate and got herself stuck.  Thank goodness my “mommy” instincts kicked in and I decided that I needed to check on the kids so we were able to free her before any damage was done.   It took two baths to get the green tinge and disgusting smell out of Wally’s coat.


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Birthday Girls!

Today we had the pleasure of celebrating both Hope and Tango’s birthday.  Hope turned 3 yesterday and Tango is 7 today.  Don’t they look marvellous for their age!

We spent the day at Patty’s acreage and we all had a wonderful time.  It was a surprisingly mild February day for Alberta.  We had lovely home made pizza for lunch and then the whole gang went on a walk around Patty’s acreage.  I got to wear Patty’s snow shoes to try and keep from falling through the deep snow.  I had a few good wipeouts and Don and Patty had to hold my hands on the steep downhill parts but I survived!  Tango scraped the underside of one of her dew claws. Good thing that Patty is a Vet and she was able to put her skills to good use and put some blue vet wrap on our drama queen’s boo-boo.

After our walk the two legged party goers enjoyed Patty’s delicious rhubarb crisp and the 4 legged ones enjoyed a special birthday cake homemade by Susan.

Here are a few more pictures from our wonderful day.

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Mmmmmm Yogurt

My ‘kids’ know that when I am having yogurt, they always get to lick the empty cup.  They especially like it when a large container is ready for their pre-wash cycle.  They all try to shove their muzzles into the bowl at the same time and they often end up with yogurt face.

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Who let the dogs out?

Well we finally had a nice weekend without tons of new snow or freezing temperatures.  We celebrated by meeting out at Patty’s house with all of the dogs (Wally, Tango, Tilly, Hope and Bentley).   The gang went for a walk in the waist deep snow desperately trying to keep to the narrow track for fear of getting stuck in the deep stuff.  At some points the snow was so deep that the dogs looked like they were dog paddling in water to keep from sinking into the snow.  Of course Wally found a pile of horse/cow poop to roll in and all the dogs had their fare share of “meadow muffins” to eat.  The wind was incredible but at least it was a couple of degrees above zero so it wasn’t bad.


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Let us out!!!!

Our dogs have a really bad case of cabin fever.  With the Xmas holidays and generally freezing cold weather, Tango and Don haven’t been out doing any training and it has been too miserable to take the dogs for a good off-leash run.  Poor Wally has had to put up with Tango jumping on him and using him as her personal chew toy and energy release.  Well all that changed on New Year’s day.  We met Susan and the gang for a good romp in the snow.  As you can see by the video there are a lot of smiling faces (puppy and human alike) and wagging tails.  We even managed to coax little Tilly up the giant snow mound.

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The true meaning of Hope

Although I don’t agree with some of the things that Cesar Millan does, I believe that he is definitely on target when he talks about how he “rehabilitates dogs and trains people” and how dogs live in the now and move forward. I’ve written about Hope before. She was a puppy that my friend Susan and I co-fostered. When she came to live with us, she had 2 previous foster homes that were not ideal for her. She was covered in stress dandruff, had continuous eye and ear infections and she was very anxious and vocal. In fact, the day I picked her up she put her mouth on my arm and began squeezing it with increasing pressure until she left visible teeth marks. It was like she was saying I don’t want to do this but I don’t know what else to do to relieve the tension that I am feeling. At that moment I knew that she was coming home with me. I couldn’t leave her to suffer another day. We weren’t sure if we could help her but we were willing to try. In just a few weeks, her skin condition improved dramatically and we could see the beginnings of a very beautiful, gentle personality emerging.  Six or seven months later she was healthy enough to be  moved on to her wonderful adult foster home with Patty. Eventually Hope’s entire litter was rejected by the  guide/service dog school and Susan was given the opportunity to adopt her and give her a forever home. I cannot think of a better place to be if I was a dog. Under Susan’s loving care, Hope has blossomed into an amazing, gentle soul. Patty and I still get our regular dose of “Hope love” when she comes to our houses for sleep overs and puppy-sitting.

Susan has two active, energetic grand daughters and a 6 month old kitten.  Hope puts up with all the activity and excitement and shows no sign of stress or anxiety.  Susan shared these wonderful pictures of Hope, Copper (kitten), Petra and Gwen playing together and thoroughly enjoying each others company.  The girls just love crawling into Hope’s kennel and Copper likes to hang out on top.   It just brings tears of joy to see how Hope is living in the present and not letting her past affect her future.  We two-legged creatures could learn a lot from our four-legged friends.



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Puppy sleep over

We have Hope with us for a short visit and sleep over. We just love it when we get the opportunity to spend some time with one of our former foster ‘kids’. Everyone two and four legged enjoys the visit. I was up bright and early his morning and took them all for a walk and then we came back and had breakfast. Sleeping beauty, aka Don, was still sound asleep so we all ran upstairs and jumped on the bed to try and wake him up. As you can tell by the picture Don is a very skilled sleeper. Even with 4 dogs in bed nothing interferes with his beauty rest…..well maybe there is a little hint of a smile on his lips.

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